What documents are needed to enter Georgia?

When entering Georgia, hotel vouchers, round-trip tickets, travel insurance and a sufficient amount of money are necessary for the duration of your stay in this country.

The border police may ask you for the documents and items mentioned above for further investigation.

Marriage registration fee in Georgia

We have introduced different packages for you, you can find more details on the packages page.

Documents required for marriage registration in Georgia:

The main and necessary documents for marriage registration in Georgia are your identification document (passport or travel document). After the date and your travel plan are determined, you send us a scan of your identification document before entering, so that we can speed up our work by preparing the documents and booking the time for the marriage.

Is it necessary to make a reservation for marriage registration?

After determining your travel schedule, the LBS team will take the necessary steps to make a reservation.

Are special medical tests required for marriage registration?

No, medical tests are not required to register a marriage in Georgia.

In which language and in which countries can the marriage certificate be presented?

The original marriage certificate is issued in Georgian, and after that, this document is issued by the relevant government body in any official language with an apostille or legalization for presentation to any country. The marriage certificate is issued internationally and can be presented to all countries.

Is it possible to send documents by post?

Yes, if it takes more time to issue the document according to the selected package and the duration of your stay in Georgia is limited, it is possible to send the relevant document by mail to your country of residence and your address.

Does a marriage registered in Georgia need to be registered in the country of residence or another country?

No; The marriage certificate is issued by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and does not need to be re-registered in a third country

Is the religion of the spouses considered in the marriage registration and is there a possibility of official marriage for spouses with different religions

Marriage in Georgia is performed regardless of the religion of the couple, and the religion of the couple is not recorded in the official marriage document. If the couple wishes, they can perform the religious ceremony independently.

In how many working days will the legalization certificate or apostille of the marriage certificate be prepared?

Apostille or legalization can be issued in one day, two days, four working days.

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