Required documents for marriage registration in Georgia:

Passport and travel document of couples
Official translation of passports (Georgian language)
Testimony of two residents or citizens of Georgia

Important points for marriage registration in Georgia:

– If one of the spouses has dual citizenship or has a travel document, the person must enter Georgia with the passport or travel document required for marriage registration.

– If it is necessary to declare the joint child of the couple, to register the marriage, complete documents of the child (birth certificate) and complete documents of the parents (birth certificate) are required.

– Witnesses will be announced by the company (if the applicant needs a witness)

Why should I get married in Georgia?

Georgia is an observer member of the European Union and a member of the Global Apostille Memorandum, which means that the marriage certificate issued by the Georgian government can be verified in all parts of Europe, America, Canada and all other countries.

What is apostille or legalization of documents?

The Apostille Memorandum is between several member countries of the European Union, as well as America, Turkey, etc. According to this memorandum, the documents issued by the government with the Apostille seal can be used directly in the member countries.

Apostille/legalization of documents is in three forms (1, 2, 8) days, which is done according to the selected package and the applicant’s needs.

Legalization of documents means the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a document.

Does Georgia need a visa?

Georgia does not require a visa for citizens of European Union countries, as well as Iran, England and the United States, for more information you can visit the website


Where are the marriage registration procedures done and how many days are needed?

The stages of marriage registration are determined according to the selected package. It is worth mentioning that the document is issued by the Georgian government and is the same in all packages.

The marriage registration time in all packages is one day, and the document is issued in Georgian.

1- Proximity to Iran with a one and a half hour flight and daily flights

2- No need for a visa to travel to Georgia for Iranians

3- No need for a visa for all Europeans and Americans

4-Cheap hotel and travel expenses

5- No need for celibacy certificate or birth certificate or other documents

6- No need to provide tests and…

7- No need to have a residence card of this country for the parties

8- No need for father’s certificate and permission and…

9- Registration with Iranian passport and travel document

10 – Fast translation and apostille for the destination country with the highest credit

11 – Acceptable for all countries of the world

12- The possibility of registering a special contract or a special dowry in the marriage document

13- The possibility of registering a religious marriage in the Islamic Marriage Office or registering in a church

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